Building materials for Liadur sound barriers


Monolithic concrete

  • Concrete drilling
  • The wellhead, after the installation of columns
  • Foundations
  • Concreting of foundations after the installation of columns
  • Atypical modifications (such as concreting of skirting panels)

Types of concrete used:

  • Pillars and foundation blocks: the C25/30 concrete
  • Gridiron pillars and atypical modifications: the C 30/37-XF4 concrete
  • Foundations fittings: the R 10505 or 10425 V steel
  • Wall panels - C 30/37 XF4

Reinforced concrete wall panels

Following is the basic division of precast concrete noise barriers:

  • Hybrid wall or skirting
  • The Liadur type of acoustic panels designed for installation in concrete columns or steel columns (HEA, HEB 160-200)

The Liadur panels are manufactured in the following basic types:

  • Low wave (4 cm + 7 cm) with absorption 8 dB
  • High wave (4 cm + 9 cm) with absorption 10 dB
  • Flat layer thickness = 6-15 cm absorption 8 dB
  • Double-side absorption with the possible combinations of surfaces

Currently we have approval for a total of 12 different types of absorbing panels. All our panels can be colored or treated with color-coating in virtually any color. Concrete panels used as the noise barriers of electrified railways are equipped with a plate for the grounding of panels.

Supporting columns

Steel columns

For supporting columns we use the HEA (HEB) 160 - HEA (HEB) 200 rolled steel sections, in which the sharply angled corners or extremely high walls can be further modified by welding on additional flanges. The length of columns is dependent on the height of sound barriers and the way of their installation in the base. The maximum height of sound barriers with the 4000 mm module:

  • při použití HEA (HEB) 160: 5 m
  • při použití HEA (HEA) 200: 6 m

Surface of columns is protected according to investor’s requirements (TKP-19). Part of the column is fitted into the base at the level of 100 mm below the surface of the base without any surface protection. At the top of the column in an oval hole which is used for manipulation.

Reinforced concrete columns

These are precast concrete columns in the shape of letter “H”. The column length depends on the height of the noise barrier and the way the column is fitted into the base. Maximum height of noise barrier is 6 m. Column dimensions and other parameters are specified in the production rules for the production of columns.

Columns can be made with a smooth surface or with a surface articulated through visual patterns according to architect’s and investor’s requirements. Columns can be coated with a colored paint.

If the panels are to be set in front of columns, we use rectangular columns with static dimensioning according to specific situation and with embedded screw anchors for attaching skirting and wall absorption panels.

Columns used for noise barriers of electrified railways are equipped with a plate for the grounding of panels.


Horizontal sealing

Due to manufacturing inaccuracies, during the assembly of wall panels we can experience the formation of unwanted small gaps at the contact point between the panels. These gaps do not exceed 4 mm. To eliminate these gaps we insert a special seal in the contact joint (a product of Promi), or the Mirelon sealing tape 50 x 10 mm. These seals have the ability to fill these gaps.

Vertical sealing

Additional seals are applied in order to obtain a perfect seal in the joints where the wall panels are mounted on the columns.

With concrete panels we use rubber wedges or rubber profiles and to increase their effect we glue them in the joints. It is a hollow rubber profile with a circular cross section. Typically we use a 15-35 mm profile.

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