Conditions for installation


The Liadur noise barriers can be built virtually in any environment. In principle the locations can be divided as follows:

Depending on the nature of the soil under the noise barriers:

  • Standard embankment soil
  • The ledge of retaining walls

According to the installation method:

  • Boreholes in the ground
  • Boreholes in the concrete
  • Foundation footings

Depending on the type environment:

  • On the highway outside the municipality
  • On the highway within the municipality
  • At the railroad
  • The areas around the noise sources - factories, airports, etc

The choice of installation method, the type of column and wall panel is subject to the investor’s specific requirements. Project documentation must be developed on the basis of these requirements, which are influenced by the requirements of the health officer and the architect.

Project documentation mainly deals with the following:

  • Method of installation
  • Choice of columns
  • Position of columns
  • Choice of wall panels in the acoustic, architectural and structural terms
  • Choice of surface finish on the columns and panels, in terms of shape and color
  • Detailed solutions:
    • Exit holes
    • Drainage of the noise barriers area
    • Vegetation
    • Beginning and the end of the noise barrier

When designing a noise barrier, the designer must respect the dimensions of the wall panels, columns and possible solutions detailed in this technical project.

Finally, the project designer must comply with the TKP prescribed by the investor for the proposed construction.

Download the entire technical project here »

Technical drawings to download can be found here »

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