The supporting columns are made of rolled steel sections HEA (BBB) 160 - HEA (BBB) 220, or we use the precast reinforced concrete columns in the shape of letter “H”.

Precast concrete columns

  • Concrete: C 30/37 – XF4.
  • Length: 200–600 cm.
  • Surface finish: the surface can be painted.
  • The column length depends on the project documentation; the maximum length is 6 m.
  • Their shape is constant for all heights of noise barriers.
  • The possibility of supplying corner columns for the break walls at angles - 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°
  • Surface of columns and colors are variable.
  • Saturation of colors on the columns is achieved by spray paint or by coloring the concrete.
  • Finishing of the concrete columns surface is made with special plates inserted into the mold during the casting of columns.
  • Method of column reinforcement varies depending on its length and the installation area.
  • The opening for manipulation is located at the top of the column.
  • For railway transportation the columns are also accompanied by threaded containers designed to connect the conductive segments and subsequent movement of noise barriers.

Steel columns

  • Type HEA, HEB 160 - 220
  • Length: dle statického výpočtu
  • Surface protection:
    • Blast to Sa 2,5 dle ČSN ISO 8501
    • Hot dip galvanization - 80 μm
    • 2k-DB EG - 100 μm
    • 2K-DC lack - 80 μm
  • Dimension of the column and its type is specified in the project documentation and it depends on the choice of wall panels and the height of noise barriers.
  • The columns are installed in an upright position. The handling of the column is made through a hole in its upper part, through which the crane hinge is passing.
  • The lower portion of the column is fitted into the cup at the base. This part of the column is not surface-treated. Surface protection of the column begins 100 mm below the surface level of the base.
  • The actual surface protection is specified by the investor’s and designer’s requirements.
  • When the columns have been installed and the panels have been assembled, it is necessary to check whether there has been no damage to the surface protection and any damage should be repaired.

Technical drawings to download can be found here »

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